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Our Short Blade Swim Fins will help you build true swimming-specific leg strength whilst improving your kicking technique, body position and ankle flexibility. Alpha Pro Fins are 70% lighter than the traditional swim fins and designed to mimic a swimmers natural competitive kicking tempo with an asymmetrical short blade design.


 "A lot of the fins out there today are flat and swimmers learn to kick with their feet apart, which isn't a very natural motion. I'm very pleased with these fins because they're shaped in a way that you can kick the way you're going to when you're swimming." - Coach Bob Bowman

Size (shown in Men's):  6-7
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ABOUT Alpha Pro Fins

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  • Asymmetrical design provides natural kicking motion
  • 70% lighter than traditional rubber swim fins, providing comfort and improved body positioning
  • Short blade mimics race pace kicking tempo
  • Rigid EVA foam construction ensures enhanced propulsion


  • EVA: ultra durable, closed cell foam that does not sink or waterlog

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