Phantom Speedsuit - Men

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Designed for the elite triathlete, the Phantom is a high-tech, water wicking speed suit designed to conserve your muscle strength, improve core stability, increase glide, and maximize endurance. Constructed using Exo-core technology with an integrated Core Power System, the dual-fabric combination provides an effective mix of muscle compression and freedom of movement.


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ABOUT Phantom Speedsuit - Men

Product Details


  • Exo-Core Technology combines 2 kinds of fabrics for compression and freedom of movements
  • Sewing free, no chaffing , high frequency welded panels for optimum comfort and long lasting
  • Core Power System that improves posture
  • Water repellant
  • Back zip for easy on and off


  • Exo-Core Technology
  • High Frequency Welded Panels
  • Core Power System
  • Water Repellant
  • Back Zip
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